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The way society is structured one’s intelligence is measured by credentials. I believe that there is more to it than one’s G.P.A. in school. There are students who do not and sometimes cannot apply themselves in school for whatever reason but in no way does this mean that they are not smart.

What happens when a student must work multiple jobs to support a family and cannot focus on school? What happens when a student decides to take a difficult course to learn more but risk their credentials in the process? What happens when a student learns more from failure than they do from success? Does not having the credentials make them a bad person? Does it prove that they are “dumb”? There is clearly a hole in the
system. (Bill 52)

I am one of the students who fall into this category. I can see through the system and know how the world really works. With the ever expanding notion that you need a college degree in order to succeed and get a job, more and more people are going out to achieve this. Colleges use this as an opportunity to capitalize so they raise the tuition while at the same time making courses easier. What happens in the end is that there are too many “qualified” people for a job therefore you need an even higher level of
education. This is known as inflation of credentials.




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