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Verbs: actions, words that denote action


To be / ser

I am/was                      we are/were

You are/were

She/he is/was
they are/were


is, am, are, was, were, be, been, being

–Circle “to be” verbs on your classmate’s draft

–Count how many “to be” verbs, and write this on his/her draft

–Go to the paragraph that had the most circles, count how many circles, and write this number in the margin

–Count how many lines are in the paragraph in question

–write the fraction of how many “to be” verbs over the amount of lines

–You want your fraction to be something like 1/2

To walk

To talk

To eat        comer



I eat                 we eat

You eat

He/she eats    they eat


Yo como

Tu comes

El come . . .

Atomic structure of sentences is N + V

Noun Plus Verb

Men + to eat

He eats.

They eat.



BE SPECIFIC: instead of saying something like “in my country” name the

Instead of saying something like “my first
language” name the     language

Don’t use “etc.”



ETHOS: face of sincerity, how your
character comes across to your audience

Informal/formal: distance create
between you as writer and your potential audience(s)


Formal distance with pronouns

OK to use “I”

If you see the word “you” circle that
and write above “one”

“you” using “one” instead

“your” use “one’s”


Use of contractions: can’t for example

Depends on the distance you are
tying to create, informal means contractions, more formal means no, or not







Scholarship Essay

I absolutely believe that
teachers, especially when they take charge of earlier ages, have tremendous
power for the present and the future of the children. I want to become an
educator and also a caregiver for elementary school or pre-school students.
With the given authority, my goal is
to bring up their grades along with their self esteem. Also to build their
characters and ready them for the next level class. A teacher’s job is also to care for the
children. A clear difference is displayed between a teacher that thinks of the
children as just jobs and a teacher who carries passion for the children.
However, I acknowledge the fact that you cannot qualify to teach children only
with passion. So I chose Queens College to prepare me to take responsibility of
many children’s lives in the future. I see that this college has wide variety
of courses to offer and requirements I have to fulfill. My intended major is Early Childhood Education and
one of the required classes for this major is
sociology. Although it is a
requirement, I find this course necessary and helpful for achieving my goals.
The course sociology makes the big picture and the specifics on micro-level how
a society functions visible. This helps in the field of education because you
have to observe the inside and out of the surrounding society and situations to
really understand what is
going on. Understanding how society and group of children or parents function is important because there are constant interactions with
them and a teacher will have to manage a relationship with them. Another reason
is that teachers train
children, in a way, for a larger institution. Thus, learning how the society
works is needed to train them
to fit for the larger institution. One of the assignments for this course
demanded a field note which cannot include my own opinions. This prepares me to be a better teacher and also
achieve my goals because not favoring any children over another is important. Completing the
work in my major will certainly help me achieve my goal.




The passive voice:


Is/are ——ed



Thus, learning how the society works is
needed to train them to fit for the larger institution.


Teachers need to train students to
learn how society works and how to fit in the larger institutions.


Who is “them”?: the children,
inmates, patients . . .

To train children




One must learn how society works in
order to assimilate with the larger institution.



To need:
lacking something, something important



Q. What are some ways to start?

Story, anecdote, question,
illustration . . . answers vary, but most important, BE SPECIFIC












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