Class Notes 9 May 2012

For Final Portfolio project


–What to include?

1. Final revisions to your essays, with media included,
published as pages on your blog


2. Publish your “Cover Letter” as a post on your blog. In
this please give a short response to your feelings on the course, what you
liked or disliked, or things that could improve the learning experiences of
students . . .




Collecting Media for your essays: (adding media to all
essays, except Essay 4), but esp. Essay 2


What to include?

Media can include: photos/images/youtube

Essay 1: Interview with family (images of your family, maps
of where your family is from/videos of locations/videos of music that might
reflect the story); the media can go anywhere in the essay, but should be
somewhere relevant; does not need a caption.


Make sure links work, but if links don’t embed, just make
sure to hyperlink them (so they show up in purple)



Essay 2: College representations: Make sure links work, but
if links don’t embed, just make sure to hyperlink them (so they show up in
purple); images should tie in with essay, be I sections of PIE paragraphs


Essay 3: QC experiences: same goes with essay 2: your own
media (from cameras for example) preferred, but if not possible, then media
from the web is fine . .  . could be support for I section or part of E section for PIE paragraphs.


Make sure links work, but if links don’t embed, just make
sure to hyperlink them (so they show up in purple)



How to cite media:

In the works cited, how to format?


For body of the text, use either author name, title of
image, or website url (YouTube)

(“A Girl Like Me”), when you quote (essay 2)


For Works Cited





Quickly reviewing Immersion: narrative and pathos

Moises: his mother language (heritage language): Spanish at

At school: English

Family as strength to draw from

Can look up to his brother, the janitor, who believes in him

Moises has no papers, will have more battles

Most folks think Moises will do well, so the story has a happy ending, but it’s not too happy.


Studying for math exam, only one who knew how to do the math
problem, word problem (in English)


Moises: does understand teacher,

Children laugh at Moises because he can’t communicate with
the class (in English)


Challenges, and how you face them/overcome them: narrative

How to do this with your personal statement?


Quick responses to student videos . . .

–If we didn’t get to your videos this semester, I apologize. For those of you who have kept up with responding to videos all the same, thank you, you will have full points. If you haven’t been responding to videos, please go through those we viewed up through APRIL 23, TINA FENG and ANGELA BENAVIDES. For everyone after, my apologies again, but thank you for participating. Consider these participation points, or blogging points.


Reviewing Personal Statements of former students

Student 1


Student 2

ETHOS: compare, who’s more unique? Why? More effective? They both look good on paper, but who sells their personality better?



Ethos/: your character, your sincerity, and also how to
build this . . . sound sincere, not kissing-up, not bragging too much . . . to show off, but maybe not too much. How do you negotiate the formal/informal uses of language and how distant you want to be to this audience?

Strengths or your merits . . . .






Pathos: first-generation college student: seeking role
models, searching for educational support; guidance to the field inherited from
family, some families have better starts


My own path: hindrance, but also strength


/Logos . . . GPA, statistics, award recognitions, lists of community volunteer work or works experiences . . . hard facts about you

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