Hello, some notes I just wrote to a student about where to search for an article, and more specifics about how you should organize your essay:


The essay more or less picks up where your last one left off–focusing now on QC, what you see as its problems, and things that could be better from your perspective as one of its students. Look around campus for things that you thing could improve your learning experience, and try to capture them in images (with either your cell, or maybe a digital camera). These will be sources for your
essay. As well, look for places to quote from either Bourdieu or Clark that might apply to some of your thoughts. In addition, you can browse some of the articles on Academic Search Complete on the library databases to give you a start for looking up articles. You can be selective about which articles to use. From this, you’ll find something else to quote using a PIE paragraph. Basically, you’ll be looking to at least three PIE paragraphs that use Bourdieu/Clark/your
article, and trying to connect them to your QC experience, which you will also document using photos and/or videos.

For now, you can start looking for passages to quote, and  also thinking about how you would change QC for the better. Good luck

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